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Many women have worked long and hard to project a façade of elegance. These women are determined to present themselves in the best light possible. An elegant woman has it all. She has complete control over her movements. She never trips or makes a misstep because she knows how to glance where she is walking and takes in all obstacles. An elegant woman always knows how to hold her hands, sit properly and keeps her back straight. She is a perfectly rendered artistic statue that possesses the ability to move smoothly.

Elegant women excel with their ability to socialize. They always know the correct thing to say in a social situation. They are never at a loss for the perfect note to write when thanking a person or expressing sympathy for a loss. They always take the time to keep up with the latest events, the unusual weather and a favorite group of subjects. This prepares them for light conversation or serious discussions when meeting and greeting others for breakfast, luncheon or afternoon tea.

Impeccably dressed, they know what to wear for every social occasion whether it is large or small. They are at home when eating burgers from the grill or dining with royalty at a ten-course dinner. Never would an elegant woman want to be caught under dressed or over dressed. Their clothing is neat, fits properly and generally covers several categories of style when accessorized properly.

Many women have long studied to become an elegant woman. They work tirelessly on their fund of knowledge for light or meaningful conversation. They recognize the importance of presenting a fully accessorized look that includes matching makeup and hair. These women work to achieve a surreal beauty in their knowledge, dress and physical actions. Being noted as an elegant woman is high praise indeed.